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Social Casino Gaming Just Got Real

Social Casino Gaming
Just Got Real

The best of European social casino gaming now in the U.S.
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Why Social Casino Gaming?

It's a digital world, and it's happening right outside your casino door.

With gaming opportunities at their fingertips, many guests who leave the casino floor continue game play on their mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Here's how this technology will transform the way you engage with your customers and why it is important to the future of your land-based operation:

Players continue gaming through your private-label social casino and earn incentives that draw them back to you. Your players stay connected to your casino and your brand.
You deliver targeted marketing messages through the gaming experience, reducing overall marketing expenses.
Social gamers buy virtual currency to play your branded games, creating a new revenue stream for your casino.
Social casino gaming reaches a new demographic - the millennials who thrive in a world of social and mobile experiences.

Why GreenTube Pro?

Greentube Pro delivers a complete B2B social casino gaming package. We've partnered with the gaming industry's best to provide a fully customizable, turnkey solution. Now you can make a smooth transition into this online gaming innovation. Here's how our platform stacks up:

The Platform

Greentube Pro provides access to hundreds of NOVOMATIC games - all branded with your private label. Our "Magic Moments" rewards strategy triggers pivotal game play marketing opportunities.

Know Your Customer

"KYC" is even more important in the online environment. Greentube Pro provides the latest in customer verification.

Payment Processing

Convenient financial transactions are an important part of maintaining player engagement. Greentube Pro provides secure credit and debit card processing while ensuring your adherence to state and federal regulations.

Marketing Data Analytics

Customized for the gaming industry, our analytics measure key player behaviors and provide reports that help you translate this information into higher revenues and increased brand recognition.

The Greentube pro Strategy

Loyalty-based rewards

Timing is everything, especially in online gaming. Greentube Pro recognizes the "Magic Moments" when a player reaches a pivotal point in the game, then matches those moments with special offers. Discounts at your hotel, restaurant or gift store all bring players back to your casino floor.

Videos and Banner Ads

Your services will sell themselves – if they reach the right audience. With Greentube Pro, your product videos are inserted into the game play, and viewers get bonus currency for watching them. Plus, you can use banner ads to promote your casino.

Reports and Analytics

It’s all about the bottom line! Greentube Pro includes dashboards and in-depth analytics, including usage, redemption, retention and acquisition.

Social Community

Social casinos leverage the power of social networks. Expand your brand by targeting online “friends” of your players and offering them incentives to visit your casino.
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Player Retention
  • Player Reactivation
  • Player Acquisition

Will you be ready for real money?

Will you be ready
for real money?

Greentube Pro offers your casino the best of both worlds. Our real-money platform will help your casino move quickly and seamlessly into online gaming, if approved in your state. At Greentube Pro, we believe social casino gaming and real-money gaming can go hand-in-hand. Because the two platforms appeal to different audiences, both can thrive in the same online spaces.

One product line. The best of both worlds. That's Greentube Pro.

Just Imagine...A Social Casino with

Just Imagine...
A Social Casino with


Social Mobility

Foxwoods will leverage its new social platform to drive customers into its brick and mortar casino.


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